Hello world!

10890572_1604037823159205_2010759462_n…and here I was thinking that blogging would be easy!

I have always had a few dreams of what I would like out of my life, let me share these with you.

The first and foremost is to start a family with my amazing husband, this is a dream we have been trying to achieve, with no luck, for the past 4 years. Fingers crossed x

The second of my dreams is to own a bookstore. However, I don’t want an ordinary bookstore. I want a book lover’s retreat, where fellow book lovers can browse and purchase their favourite books, then relax and read their new book whilst enjoying a cuppa!

My third, and possibly the most far-fetched of my dreams to be an author.  I love fantasy-fiction and romance novels and would love to create my own.

This brings me to reason for starting my blog, I recently confided in my friend about my dream of becoming an author and she suggested that I start blogging about the books I read to get a feel for writing. So here we are…

I’m a very passionate reader and I get deeply invested in the books I read. When I find books that I can’t put down or want to re-read over and over again, I tend to get very enthusiastic and desperately want to rave about them and share them with other readers, so this site is going to become my outlet for that.

Happy reading!

~ Jessica ~



I rate all books out of 5 stars

5 Stars = LOVED the book with all my heart !!

4 Stars = Liked the book a lot would definitely recommend

3 Stars = Liked it, probably wouldn’t recommend it

2 Stars = it was OK, I didn’t hate it

1 Star = unfortunately did not like it



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