REVIEW: Reflected in You (Crossfire Book #2)

13596809Title: Reflected in You
Author: Sylvia Day
Type: Paperback
Pages: 338
Published: 3rd October 2012

4 Stars

This book picks up right where Bared to You left off and I devoured it!  I enjoyed this one so much more than the first book. It was an emotional roller-coaster, the type that leaves you completely discombobulated after you get off.

Their addiction to each other is becoming an obsession and you can feel the lust rolling off the page!

“I’m obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted or needed, everything I’ve ever dreamed of. You’re everything. I live and breathe you. For you.”… “I get out of bed every morning and face the world because you’re in it.”

They both have insecurities and neither know how to have a relationship. They are trying their best to learn how to trust one other and to find safety in each other.  Eva worries she’ll make his life hell with her ineradicable issues and acknowledges that she can be jealous and possessive. Gideon is still keeping his darkness locked up within himself, fearing once Eva learns his secrets that she will leave him.

Gideon is so damaged and tormented from his violent past that it seems like this relationship isn’t going to work, he keeps asking Eva to trust him, yet he seems to be hiding so much from her whilst she is wearing her heart on her sleeve and I felt for her I really did.

There is so much raw pain and suffering between them and it is becoming so destructive, they can’t live with each other but they aren’t able to survive without the other.  The sex is carnal and salacious and Eva and Gideon get to join the mile-high club in spectacular fashion.

Whilst the ending is not exactly a cliff-hanger, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, I am eager to see how the story unfolds in Entwined with You.


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