Top 10 Tuesday #4


Today’s Topic for Top 10 Tuesday featured by The Broke and The Bookish is:

 “10 Characters I Just Didn’t Click With”

I am finding this to be a hard list to create this week! In most cases I seem to be listing people who I didn’t click with the entire time, it’s the best I can do I am sorry to say 🙂

  1. Sebastian in the Mortal Instruments series
  2. Leah in the Alpha and Omega Series
  3. Tatiana in the Crossfire Series
  4. Cary in the Crossfire Series (only at times not the entire series)
  5. Alex in the Mortal Instruments
  6. Matt in Vampire Diaries
  7. Heath in the House of Night series
  8. Mason in the Vampire Academy series
  9. Rosalie from Twilight
  10. Jessica from Twilight

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