REVIEW: The Assassins Blade

Title: The Assassin’s Blade
Author: Sarah J Maas
Type: Kindle e-book
Pages: 448
Published: 4th March 2014

5 Stars

Amazing Book! I fell in love within the first few chapters!  I absolutely loved the Author’s’ writing style!  She is incredibly talented and writes in such a way that everything comes alive in vivid detail.

This book encompasses the 5 prequel novellas and I read it prior to Throne of Glass.  I am very glad that I did, I felt like I understood Celaena’s motives and decisions throughout the series so much better having read this first.

This prequel established Celaena as a seriously kick-ass heroine.  She has become Arobynn’s greatest assassin by the age of 16 and owes him a great debt for her training, lifestyle and reputation.  Throughout these 5 stories Celaena has survived the desolation of her country, survived the blistering heat of the red desert and earned the respect of the Mute Master, single-handedly disarmed the entire crew of a pirate ship and defeated the Pirate Lord, unveiled Arobynn’s treachery and been broken-hearted by the loss of her lover.

Overall The Assassin’s Blade was a action-packed, wild adventure that had me on the edge of my seat and unable to put the book down.  Even though this was a collection of novella’s it felt like I was reading a novel because the stories were so beautifully woven together.

I am looking forward to reading Throne of Glass!


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