REVIEW: Witches and Wolves

Witches and Wolves

Title: Witches & Wolves
Author: Kelly D Smith
Type: ARC e-book
Pages: 10,700 words
Published: 23rd September 2015

3 Stars

Life in the woods is usually fairly quiet, which suits Tory perfectly. She can focus on her witchcraft without the noise of the city or nosy neighbours, and the only visitor she gets is her ex-boyfriend—until late one night when she opens the door to find an unfamiliar wolf who promptly curls up in Tory’s bed and falls fast asleep.

Long used to wolves, Tory lets her be, and has no complaints at all when the morning reveals the wolf to be a beautiful woman. New to being a wolf, out in the woods to learn control and get more comfortable with her new life, Gee eagerly accepts when Tory offers to help her—and she doesn’t seem opposed to any other offers Tory might make.

But not everyone approves of werewolves, and Gee isn’t the only new visitor to the woods…

This story was not quite what I expected, although for a short story (approx 30min reading time) I enjoyed it.  I would love to see it expanded and made into a full length novel.

The writing was fairly simple and the characters weren’t really described in detail so I didn’t feel like I connected with any of them.

I felt that the relationship between the two developed really quickly and without any real foundations, I also found that the timeline of events in my mind didn’t correlate with the timeline in the story, I felt like I missed a massive chunk somewhere.

I also found it odd that the witch had better senses then the werewolf and the witch was the Alpha and protector.

My favourite part was the setting of the book, a large plot of land in the woods with a lake, sounds like paradise!

I think if the story was longer and more developed it would have been a fantastic read, but overall not bad.

I was provided an Arc by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you.