REVIEW: Dead Heat (Alpha and Omega Book #4)


Title: Dead Heat
Author: Patricia Briggs
Type: Paperback
Pages: 324
Published: 3rd March 2015

4 Stars

Like Fair Game this book started further down the line rather than picking up at the end of the last book.

Charles decides that for Anna’s birthday he is going to buy her a new horse from an old friend, Joseph who he hasn’t seen in decades. However upon on arrival, it appears that the years have gotten away from Charles and Joseph is not as he remembered, instead he is a very sick old man and Charles has arrived just in time to say goodbye to his dear old friend.

 “But that is the dual gift of love, isn’t it? The joy of greeting and the sorrow of good-bye.”

Upon arriving in town things do not go quite as planned, as Joseph’s daughter-in-law Chelsea is bewitched and nearly murders her own children. Anna and Charles step up to save the day and soon find out that a nefarious Fae, the Doll Collector, is on the loose and replacing children with changelings which results in our favourite FBI agent, Leslie Fisher, coming to assist.

I loved the fact that this book is more about the Doll Collector and his treacherous ways and less about the relationship between Charles and Anna which I thought made a nice change.

I relished learning about Joseph’s family, especially Chelsea, Hosteen and Mackie and I would love to read more about Chelsea’s transition into her new life. I would also like to know more about what happened to the little girl in the attic after everything she had gone through.

This book provides more of an insight into Charles’ life before Anna and I loved it. Although I really wasn’t taken with the Maggie and Charles storyline. A lot of it just didn’t make sense to me, especially that Maggie was possessive and jealous towards Charles after rejecting him, marrying Joseph and having a family that and I felt like it took away from the bond between Anna and Charles.

I always felt that their romance was based around the fact that Anna had managed to break down the walls of the big bad Enforcer and what they had was supposed to be special and one-of-a-kind for Charles. However, after reading about his past with Maggie it turns out that his feelings aren’t all the special as he has felt it all before but was rejected before having the chance to mate with her.

Nevertheless, this is a fabulous series and I hope that there are more books to come!

REVIEW: Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Book #2)

Hunting Ground

Title: Hunting Ground
Author: Patricia Briggs
Type: Paperback
Pages: 286
Published: 25th August 2009

4 Stars

This book is a very enjoyable read; it is just the right mix of suspense, mystery and romance.

Anna and Charles attend a conference in Seattle, on behalf of the Marrok, to address the concerns the Alpha’s have about the plan to come out to the humans. The trip takes a turn for the worst and Anna and Charles have to find out who is behind the vampire attacks, without getting themselves killed in the process.

Anna really shines in this book; she has become such a mature and confident character who is able to show the other wolves what being an Omega really means.

The way that Charles and Anna are with each other is captivating, they are constantly trying to protect each other and obviously love each other but they still seem to be walking on eggshells which I found made them both feel more real.

I had two absolute favourite scenes in this book:

  1. When Anna draws on Charles’ power through the mating bond and stops everyone in dead their tracks; and
  2. When Anna asks for permission to take part in the hunt and Charles tells her it was never his decision to make.

“If it would benefit you, I would kill every wolf here. But there are things that you need to do — and interfering with that is not protecting, not in my book. The best way for me to protect you is to encourage you to be able to protect yourself.”

There are so many characters in this book, between the Gray Lords, the Troll, the Vampires, the Witches and the multitude of Wolves.  I found that all the characters were portrayed extremely well and didn’t feature a lot of unnecessary embellishment.

The story moved forward in a fast-paced yet consistent way and I loved that in almost every chapter a little more of the characters was revealed.

“Women are the bloodthirsty sex,” said Ric sadly. “We get the reputation, but it is only because the women stand behind us, and say, ‘Kill it. Squish it.”

My only gripe is that while parts of this book kept me in absolute suspense, there were parts where I found myself bored or confused because the point of view suddenly changed or a scene was happening for a second time but from another character’s point of view.

Overall I loved this book, the depth and realism of the characters, the intense plot and the politics were fabulous.  The book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, but I am pleased to know that there is more to come in Fair Game.

My Favourite Quotes

Favourite Quotes

Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega: Book 2)

“I am not my grandfather, to look into the heart of man,” he told her.  “I don’t know that what I’ve told you is truth.  It is just what I’ve seen and felt.”

Outlander (Outlander: Book 1)

“Does it bother you that I’m not a virgin?”
“Well, no,” he said slowly, “so long as it doesna bother you that I am. Reckon one of us should know what they’re doing,” he said.

Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega: Book 1)

“Identity was partly heritage, partly upbringing, but mostly the choices you make in life.”

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy: Book 1)

“Did you see that dress?” “I saw the dress.” “Did you like it?” He didn’t answer. I took that as a yes. “Am I going to endanger my reputation if I wear it to the dance?” When he spoke, I could barely hear him. “You’ll endanger the school.” I smiled and fell asleep.”

Voyager (Outlander: Book 3)

For so many years,” he said, “for so long, I have been so many things, so many different men.” I felt him swallow, and he shifted slightly, the linen of his nightshirt rustling with starch. “I was Uncle to Jenny’s children, and Brother to her and Ian. ‘Milord’ to Fergus, and ‘Sir’ to my tenants. ‘Mac Dubh’ to the men of Ardsmuir and ‘MacKenzie’ to the other servants at Helwater. ‘Malcolm the printer,’ then, and ‘Jamie Roy’ at the docks.”
The hand stroked my hair, slowly, with a whispering sound like the wind outside.
“But here,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him, “here in the dark, with you…I have no name.”

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices: Book 3)

“Marry me,” he said. “Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be called Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it.”

Drums of Autumn (Outlander: Book 4)

“And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours, Claire. I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you.”

Bared To You (Crossfire: Book 1)

“I’ve always seen you, angel. From the moment you found me, I’ve seen nothing but you.”

Frostbite (Vampire Academy: Book 2)

“I think you smoke them so you have something to do while thinking up your next witty line.”
He choked on the smoke, caught between inhaling and laughing. “Rose Hathaway, I can’t wait to see you again. If you’re this charming while tired and annoyed and this gorgeous while bruised and in ski clothes, you must be devastating at your peak.”
“If by ‘devastating’ you mean that you should fear for your life, then yeah. You’re right.” I jerked open the door. “Good night, Adrian.”

Written in My Own Hearts Blood (Outlander: Book 8)

“Are you doing that on purpose?” He looked up at her, surprised. “Doing what?”
“Never mind. When you are fifteen, I’m locking you in the cellar.”
“What? Why?” he demanded indignantly.
“Because that’s when your father and grandfather started getting into real trouble, and evidently you’re going to be just like them.”

REVIEW: Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega Book #1)

2355575Title: Cry Wolf
Author: Patricia Briggs
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 29th July 2008

4 Stars

I will note that I started with this book, I didn’t read the prequel and I have not read the Mercy Thompson series, and that series gets referred to a lot throughout the book, so it may be a good idea to read that series first, but I don’t think that it changed my experience of this book.

The book begins in the mountains with Walter’s story.  It had me hooked within seconds!  I wasn’t sure where the story was going to go or how he fit in but it was brilliant.

Then we move to chapter one which is Anna and Charles’s story. This is based at the tail end of a fight that has put Charles and Anna together into a new life that they weren’t exactly ready for but are more than willing to make it work.

Anna is an Omega wolf, and after 3 years of being brutalised, she is rather timid and wary of male wolves. She has been kept naive of what she is and how she fits into the pack but she is a fast learner and within the two/three week span of the book she shows a fierceness that I did not completely expect but definitely appreciated!

I adore Charles (and Brother Wolf); he seems to be the full package. I love his protectiveness, his authority and his strength of character.   Charles helps Anna heal the broken places deep inside of her with his love and Anna brings him a calmness and acceptance of himself that he has not known before.

“Identity was partly heritage, partly upbringing, but mostly the choices you make in life.”

When Charles goes to his next mission to track down a rouge wolf causing trouble, his father Bran, aka the Marrok, decides it would be best for Anna to come along. Maybe she can defuse the situation before the berserker has to come out.

I really enjoyed that the book flicked between Bran, Anna, Charles and Walter throughout the story, it gave it an amazing depth. I loved that when Charles and Anna go after the rogue werewolf, you immediately start assuming that you know who it is going to be and then there is an unexpected twist!!

I have now started Book #2: Hunting Ground and I have high expectations after this great read!!

Crossfire Series

Today, I was listening to the radio on my way home from work and a new song by Delta Goodrem was playing.  The first thing this song made me think of was the Crossfire series.  For me, when listening to the mood and lyrics of the song, it seems to fit perfectly with the series.

“The deepest veins, the darkest truth,

A secret place I only want to share with you,

Look in my eyes, undress my soul”

If you haven’t heard the song, have a listen 🙂

REVIEW: Reflected in You (Crossfire Book #2)

13596809Title: Reflected in You
Author: Sylvia Day
Type: Paperback
Pages: 338
Published: 3rd October 2012

4 Stars

This book picks up right where Bared to You left off and I devoured it!  I enjoyed this one so much more than the first book. It was an emotional roller-coaster, the type that leaves you completely discombobulated after you get off.

Their addiction to each other is becoming an obsession and you can feel the lust rolling off the page!

“I’m obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted or needed, everything I’ve ever dreamed of. You’re everything. I live and breathe you. For you.”… “I get out of bed every morning and face the world because you’re in it.”

They both have insecurities and neither know how to have a relationship. They are trying their best to learn how to trust one other and to find safety in each other.  Eva worries she’ll make his life hell with her ineradicable issues and acknowledges that she can be jealous and possessive. Gideon is still keeping his darkness locked up within himself, fearing once Eva learns his secrets that she will leave him.

Gideon is so damaged and tormented from his violent past that it seems like this relationship isn’t going to work, he keeps asking Eva to trust him, yet he seems to be hiding so much from her whilst she is wearing her heart on her sleeve and I felt for her I really did.

There is so much raw pain and suffering between them and it is becoming so destructive, they can’t live with each other but they aren’t able to survive without the other.  The sex is carnal and salacious and Eva and Gideon get to join the mile-high club in spectacular fashion.

Whilst the ending is not exactly a cliff-hanger, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, I am eager to see how the story unfolds in Entwined with You.

REVIEW: Bared to You (Crossfire Book #1)

20448515Title: Bared to You
Author: Sylvia Day
Type: Paperback
Pages: 352
Published: 4th February 2014

3 Stars

I started reading this book thinking it was going to be another Fifty Shades of Grey, and do you know what? The basics are similar but this book is sexy, deeply emotional and a serious page turner.

The story is told from the perspective of Eva Tramell, a twenty-four-year-old woman who moves to New York to begin a career in advertising. Eva is smart, self-assured and survived childhood sexual abuse with the help of therapy to get her through.

Gideon Cross, is a young, gorgeous, billionaire mogul with deep-seated issues caused by his father’s suicide and sexual abuse at the hands of his therapist. He doesn’t believe he deserves to be loved, and is very out of his depth in this new relationship with Eva.

“You forget who submits, Eva,” he said gruffly. “I’ve given up control for you. I’ve bent and adjusted for you. I’ll do anything to keep you and make you happy. But I can’t be tamed or topped. Don’t mistake indulgence for weakness.”

The story is based around whether the two can find a way to help each other heal in order to move on from their pasts and establish a healthy romantic relationship. This was a gripping story and I loved watching these two come together and try to get it right.

Their relationship is initially based solely on sex, but their connection is so powerful, that they are overwhelmed with the need to be with one another. Most times their dates result in some very hot sex and the two of them are insatiable.

I really enjoyed the fact that Gideon and Eva are portrayed as real people with relatable issues.  Despite having very complicated pasts, and both having their fair share of misdemeanours throughout the relationship, they always work through the issues and try to understand each other’s point of view.

It was hard not to fall in love with the side characters as well, Eva’s best friend Cary was just so lovable. He was the ultimate big brother character with his own set of problems and he always was there for Eva to lean on – I really hope Cary gets a series of his own.

The ending was perfect and left me biting my nails waiting for the next book.  This is a MUST read!!

Hello world!

10890572_1604037823159205_2010759462_n…and here I was thinking that blogging would be easy!

I have always had a few dreams of what I would like out of my life, let me share these with you.

The first and foremost is to start a family with my amazing husband, this is a dream we have been trying to achieve, with no luck, for the past 4 years. Fingers crossed x

The second of my dreams is to own a bookstore. However, I don’t want an ordinary bookstore. I want a book lover’s retreat, where fellow book lovers can browse and purchase their favourite books, then relax and read their new book whilst enjoying a cuppa!

My third, and possibly the most far-fetched of my dreams to be an author.  I love fantasy-fiction and romance novels and would love to create my own.

This brings me to reason for starting my blog, I recently confided in my friend about my dream of becoming an author and she suggested that I start blogging about the books I read to get a feel for writing. So here we are…

I’m a very passionate reader and I get deeply invested in the books I read. When I find books that I can’t put down or want to re-read over and over again, I tend to get very enthusiastic and desperately want to rave about them and share them with other readers, so this site is going to become my outlet for that.

Happy reading!

~ Jessica ~



I rate all books out of 5 stars

5 Stars = LOVED the book with all my heart !!

4 Stars = Liked the book a lot would definitely recommend

3 Stars = Liked it, probably wouldn’t recommend it

2 Stars = it was OK, I didn’t hate it

1 Star = unfortunately did not like it